A Telecare and Security System that meets all the challenges


An integrated Telecare and Security solution for Sheltered Housing, ExtraCare Developments, Retirement Villages and Nursing Homes

Key System Components: System Controller, Room Consoles, Telecare Receivers, Telecare Devices

Optional Components: Door Entry Panels, Enquiry Panels, Proximity Readers, Communication Handsets

Key Features:-

  • Designed to meet the needs of today and tomorrow

  • Easy software configuration for changing needs

  • Can utilize existing cabling infrastructure in most circumstances

  • Designed with user choice in mind

  • Supports dual frequency Telecare Receivers to allow interoperation with other manufacturers Telcare peripherals

  • Supports "Service Provider" monitoring

  • Fully Integrated Door Entry and Proximity (Fob) Access Control System

  • Low cost of ownership

  • Onsite/offsite voice recording on both speech channels