Smart Care Series - MX Series

Carephone landline Carephone landline
Carephone landline Carephone landline
Carephone landline

The MX Series introduces medial alarms with intrusion functions to care for seniors and safeguard premises,


  • User-friendly three button design with a multifunctional yellow button that can be programmed to toggle on/off inactivity timer and Away/Home Mode

  • World-class certified RF range and two-way voice quality

  • Doubles as an intrusion alarm

  • Enhanced flexibility with expansion slot for plug-in DECT or GSM/3G module

  • Supports multiple reporting methods including speech mode

  • Capability to establish a multi-party emergency intercom system

  • Supports multiple programming methods

  • Comprehensive Help/Nurse Arrival function

  • Event filters to process events according to categories

  • Voice prompts

  • Remote firmware update capability

  • Mobility check

  • BS 8521/TT New Protocol allows connection to virtually all Central Stations

  • Available in various models (PSTN or GSM) and with hardwire inputs and outputs

  • Allows connection of multiple radio peripherals. Eg Smoke Detector, Heat Detector, PIR etc.

  • The only product in the marketplace that offers wireless remote speech stations and voice pendants