Welbeing Case Study


Welbeing, also known as Wealden & Eastbourne Lifeline, is a leading provider of Telecare and Telehealth systems. Welbeing recently employed Network Communication Systems Ltd (NCS) to reprogram the warden call systems at a number of sheltered housing schemes in Tamworth.


The twenty sites in question included a number of bungalows and high-rise tower blocks. Welbeing had taken over the management of the sites from Tamworth Homelink, and as such required the fitted warden call alarm systems to be reprogrammed.


After finding the long-established company through a government purchasing association, Welbeing tasked NCS with the necessary maintenance work. NCS' long history in the field and expertise with these systems meant that they were easily able to reprogram the systems, re-routing them to Welbeing's control centre in Sussex. The schemes' residents now have total peace of mind following the changeover.


This maintenance work has benefitted the schemes in more ways than one, as Welbeing operations manager Margaret Uridge explains:


"We're glad that NCS were able to perform the re-chipping as it has afforded us some time to decide what direction to take in the future. We were facing an imminent decision as to whether we should upgrade the equipment, and now that this work has been carried out we can take our time and decide whether it would be cost-effective."


Gerry Wynne of NCS comments:


"This job was quite typical of the sort of maintenance we carry out for local authorities and housing associations. We take this area of our work very seriously, and we're glad to have had the opportunity to work with Welbeing."


As well as reprogramming these systems, NCS are also able to maintain the majority of older systems - using our workshops and stock of spare parts, we are able to keep these systems operational for a further five years. Please contact us for more information.